Dining at Satori is generally completely flexible and we invite teachers to tell us how and what would work best for them for their retreat. We have a wonderfully skilled chef who can prepare anything from raw food dishes to sunday roasts. As we are in Sri Lanka we aim to give guests as much as a Sri Lankan culinary experience as possible leaning on the healthier side. We also have experience with detox retreats where we are able to produce litres and litres of juices , smoothies , herbal teas and broths.

Generally all meals will be served as a buffet in the communal dining room overlooking the jungle. In between main meals we can offer herbal teas , coconut water , green smoothies and so on.

All our produce is bought fresh and daily from the local markets.

Finally, if groups or individuals fancy learning the basics of Sri Lankan cuisine our chef will be happy to hold afternoon workshops if needed.

Please get in touch with us to work out how we can create something really special for your retreat.